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Our Dear visitors, thank you for visiting our website. We hope you will find the content on this platform informative and educative. The website enables us to connect with our primary stakeholders: students, parents, staff and you who has made a conscious choice to visit this page.

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July 2017

Proclamation of second term results


December 2017

Registration of new students for 2018.

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" I am an old student and pioneer of La Colombiere as I joined when the school had just started in 1995 in primary four. I learnt to be open-minded through this school because we were studying with children from different countries across the world which helped to adopt to different cultures unlike other school where you only find Rwandans. "

Benjamin . Mulinzi

" I joined the school in 1995 in primary six and did all my secondary education from here. I would truly be doing injustice to my children if I had taken them to another school because I attribute my success today to the knowledge I acquired from this school. The reason I brought my children to study in my old school is because they have good teachers in primary and they treat children like they are at home. "

Aisha . Haguma

" I have been with the school for eight years and have?four children studying here. I like this school because it is bilingual. From baby class up to secondary level, teachers are very close to the children and are able to tell you?a problem your child has plus areas she or he needs to improve. "

Clement Robert . Ruzindana

" I have two children studying at La Colombiere with one in primary five and another in primary two. Initially my children were studying from elsewhere and have been here for only two years. I decided to change school because of the quality of education and discipline this school offers "

Joseph . Museruka

" I joined La Colombiere way back in 1995 and have never worked in any other school since that time despite countless job offers and better positions from different schools. I have been offered jobs in other schools to work for them, offering a higher salary than what I earn here but I turned them down simply because they don’t give other incentives like what we are given here. "

Martin . Rurangirwa